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  1. yo district, what filter did you use for that last picture that shit is tight .. is that just messing with contrast and saturation ...?
  2. Snek fought a little girl in line at Georgetown Cupcake once. I seent it.
  3. ey watch out drout he might square you up with some tender instagram pictures... shake! prolly not a sharp idea to register for 12oz with an email containing your name ;)
  4. That is probably my favorite thing for cops to do.
  5. those sundanese water taxi drivers Fant and Snek
  6. prezem has an exclusive pass to do whatever the fuck he wants in this thread. Porque no?!?!
  7. Appreciate the effort my man but that shit's pretty bad ... practice practice. Not tryin to be a dick cause my shits not good either. But something that at least has clean clear letters. Handstyles on the whole don't belong in here unless they're old or especially nice. You know?
  9. Lemme track down that stuff Cast posted awhile back, all that Budda MCA shit. I agree this thread has potential i know DC has talent i seent it!
  10. Good shit yall This O is fuckin' wonky
  11. this might be retarded but i started a dc thread in PAPER CHASE ... any of you that still draw on paper, hit this up ... let's get it going ... don't suck please... http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=139448
  12. Yo fools I know some of you are fags like me and draw pictures in your art notebooks to carry around and/or practice. Books still get passed around here and there... Self promo if you want If i ever get back one of the 4 blackbooks currently floating around anytime soon i'll post up some work from other people ... but for now it's just me and random words. A little something shitty to start it off try n keep it somewhat decent in here.
  13. you mad


    "The Nike Air Max shoe is a great creation of the shoes world.The unique air cushioning unit design turn to a different areas of the foot. So many well know style were highly praised by prople , just like air max 90 , air max ltd , air max 2009 , air max 2010 , air max 2011 etc." air max 90's for $60 ... you serious ...??? i wouldnt do that shit ever
  14. i think we all owe faux real a hanukkah gift ... real rap!!!
  15. Faint Footsteps what the fuck is up?? Holler at me sometime.
  16. is this a 97 stren freight? right timeframe ...
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