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  1. you've only made it in dc once ATB needlessly caps your shit, viva dc graffiti!
  2. http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/trafficandcommuting/red-line-documentary-looks-behind-graffiti-along-the-tracks-in-northeast-washington/2013/03/09/d8fea62e-8805-11e2-98a3-b3db6b9ac586_story.html shine
  3. is that a fame piece? and did he shout out how long it took him?
  4. http://www.arlnow.com/2013/01/23/police-respond-to-huffing-disturbance/ lmao ballston shit
  5. i was just calling the dude out on seemingly copying a dude from phila whos work i liked seeing/have some respect for. am i totally irrelevant? yeah, i won't contest that for a minute. am i a pure armchair groupie? no, but i dont post the shit i do anymore.
  6. Also term or berm or kerm or whatever that says ... self promo isnt a great look for you. especially when some of your hands are savage bites of derm.
  7. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeee
  9. everyones lives are worthless. yours is too. have fun
  10. radeo getting front page shine http://getnloose.com/
  11. c'mon yalll ... dont get petty on some internet shit. do what you do.
  12. stole these photos from detroit
  13. In the RIP vein ... i learned recently that we lost PEZ NAA this summer as well. Might be old news but I never saw it on here. Rest in Peace Esko and Pez.
  14. stolen fishy in detroit city
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