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  1. Yo man i know you're just starting out but noone can read your tags. They look kinda goofy.
  2. mtc is rollerskating on you hoes
  3. lmao isniff this photo is killing me ... that dog
  4. attn: flickr users this kid IIINO1!III is either a police officer or a moron. avoid either way. over and out
  5. the following were made possible by AREK. a few reposts but overall a good look for the thread.
  6. asst'd ... ^^look at the ancient rezist on the right!! tight.
  7. my underground flavor is major i check ya later time to get with my peeps and get paper no time for sleep gotta hit the streets with my peeps get with mr. walt tell him hit us off with this phat beat
  8. fresh paint oughta be fine man
  9. Lean on the way up as well ... looking good.
  10. Yo durkstevens your drunk graffiti is a lot better than mine, i'll say that much.
  11. i like that spot a lot. bump taco bell shits hi mom
  12. Fixed for ya buddy ... Is this really gone? I passed this roof daily for 6-7 years. Fuck. Every time i come home it gets worse, there needs to be a greenlight on "street artists." Leaving a name not required, they just need a brief "reminder" ...
  13. "muhfuckas had ladders and shit" ahahaahah
  14. agree ... please chill.
  15. Yall ripping on SMK are unbelievable. Sketchers whats good??
  16. i told you guys what would happen if more pics of the charlottesville legal were posted :: eats cold spaghetti out of paper bag ::
  17. Kut-He 2012 Kuthe is actually Joseph Kony. Marinate on that one for a second, lightweights.
  18. this :lol: :lol: :lol: im guilty though. i will still use female valve krylon if i can get it. smells nice.
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