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  2. Jim Carrey ... thee original FFC OG member
  3. Not hard to find if you know your train lines.
  4. Nirvana does rule though
  5. you mad


    :lol: :lol: :lol: Yeah ACER303 make sure you recognize this guy. Maybe if you're lucky he will post the fill SION did on a bus stop in Lorton in 2005. It was really cool, he made sure to take the picture when there were black people and trashcans in front of it. It looks like it could be straight out of the wire, it's the second most gutter thing i've probably ever seen bro. he is the realest sprayer out right now. He goes to war like this: Better guard your rep and your sister pleh bwoy. He's out here in these streets.
  6. you mad


    Post needed far more smilies... cmon bruh
  7. lol at that complex article and the WHERES BORF comment ... good list though. AWESOME spot SNOR.
  8. Didnt even mean to make this a rezist power post but i caught this old car out by me a few weeks ago.
  9. Sweet post faux real. A lot of history is still living under those bridges. Those ever hands are OG i believe ... but there are others in that spot that don't look like the original too if i remember correctly
  10. i agree. dude hit places in my neighborhood that the natives don't even hit. Thoroughness.
  11. i never seen a kepos train i didnt like. not cause i like his style. i don't. but i can see that the kid paints his ass off. and the result is a train that is 100% his. that's all it is. i respect that. i'm an internet toy !!! Faint Footsteps if you're in town this week, i'll be home. let's get something done.
  12. It's not where ya from, it's where ya at ... sad state of affairs.
  13. quality flicks better than nothing
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