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  1. stay tuned for my rap debut album br0s
  2. check out what jimy did with the M in PAN AM ... swag
  3. you mad


    Thinkin a similar thing.
  4. you mad


    nikola tesla was a beast
  5. this thread got gangsta while i was gone!! buck buck buck!
  6. Good posts. More reasons not to own an iphone... you tech savvy vandals, you:
  7. Also, 10 guests lurking right now. Yikes.
  8. Steve Powers once wrote "It's so hard to be an artist when you're doing graffiti." It boils down to, this: commission walls are commission walls. graffiti is graffiti. they are not equivalent. This has always been the case. I do not understand people getting irritated at people putting together mural programs and getting paid off it, especially by those preaching graffiti's violent/hardcore roots. If you say to support those roots, does it make sense to then turn around and get mad that you are not getting legals as a street bomber? Why should you care? You two are in different weight classes. That should need no explanation. I aint mad at WBL and I definitely aint mad at KGB. Both do their thing. Do you, let other people do them ... some people take this too seriously.
  9. you mad


    hunt quietly painting more than most people on the east coast...
  10. love seeing DONE STM shit ... always different
  11. i didnt paint at all juss smoked dippers and rode tricycles in urban environments
  12. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: stolen
  13. you mad


    Fuck france USA USA USA
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