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  1. A lot of sex dreams with mediocre girls. Also this recurring nightmare where I keep getting attacked / infested with flesh and bone eating worms.
  2. Imagine what her box and ass smells like. Shit, imagine what any crease on her fucking potato sack-body smells like. Old behind-the-ear-juice and feces.
  3. Tail gunner and donkey race flicks for the win. Good looking out
  4. Photos like that are always cool as fuck to have in your later years. Thanks for sharing
  5. False. Cringeworthy. tpbm urinates in public
  6. negative. Too many friend's went through that system and watching them isn't a laugh. tpbm prefers white over black, and black over yellow... And a sawmill over indian.
  7. Nice comeback. Thanks for validating my point, I'll withdraw while I'm up.
  8. You good sir are just an argumentative cunt, aren't you?
  9. You good sir are just an argumentative cunt, aren't you?
  10. let me contribute to this horse shit as well
  11. I don't know, I'll go with this guy
  12. a few horrible posts won't destroy this thread! bump.
  13. Don't put dumb bitches on blast. Come on now..
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