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  1. little jewish girl goes up to her dad and says, "Dad, can I borrow $50?" And he says, "$40, I dont have $30, What do you need $20 for?
  2. Yeah, but Walt only plays his game
  3. I would like to know who Gus was hooked up with at Madrigal Electromotive, the company that owns the all the small ones he was tied to (the manufacturer of the ventalation system that was at the laundry, the laundry, pollos.....) He brought the proposal to don eladio back in the day. He wanted the start up cash for the lab in return for profits. But he had to have brought the idea to some one else later for that cash, right. And all the businesses are under that one umbrella, woundnt there have to be a super silent business partner or partners somewhere? And wouldnt they now want to kill kill Walt and Jesse?
  4. All good points, but Gus said that an appropriate response would be delivered. This means that if you dont go ahead and sign off on killing Walt, I will make you do it, by killing the people you care about the most. Like, you will do what I want, or I will make you do what I want...
  5. it was walt who poisoned brock!:scrambled: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :scrambled: :scrambled: :eek: :eek: yeah, but then where is the cigarette with the ricin in it?
  6. If Skylar wouldnt have told Walt Jr. that Walt was moving back in on Tuesday (without actually talking to Walt about it), Walt wouldnt have been getting smashed on the wine at Hanks house, and wouldnt have been talking all that shit out the side of his mouth.
  7. ^^^^this^^^^^ :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. nice fuckin shots! that cense for real
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