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  1. There was music before Weird Al ? . . . oh yeah Satire Delete a forum thread when the primary subject is Weird Al? Who does that? Weird Al told me NOT to stick flat slotted screw drivers into my ears then twist it repeatedly.
  2. No aliens but those stories are good. They landed obviously. The flight direction was recorded as changed and the transponder was turned off. It didn't crash into the ocean. This is clearly the prequel to LOST
  3. Dranx0


    It's cool. His brother is still alive.
  4. Re: 21 Jump: Book Appreciation Finished this one. I like non-fiction. I've Been Working on the Railroad: Memoirs of a Railwayman 1911-1962 is a fascinating recollection of fifty years working for the Newfoundland Railway, telling of wrecks and Reids, snow and steam, engines and engineers, and of Chafe's love for the railroad and the people who worked on it. It was published in 1987 and is now out of print and very hard to get. Has over 100 pages and lots of pictures of the Newfoundland Railway from 1911 - 1962. http://www.tidespoint.com/usedbooks/workingonrailroad.shtml Purchased this one recently and it's not the type of book to read from front to back necessarily. I just open it up to random pages and read his opinions on random things. In the Words of E. B. White: Quotations from America's Most Companionable of Writers by E.B. White, Martha White In a book that draws on E. B. White's books, collected works and published and unpublished letters and papers, the literary legend's granddaughter collects his best quotes--on writing, nature, everyday life and much more. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/12044771-in-the-words-of-e-b-white
  5. The donators just want the tax receipt and the space created by getting rid of what ever was donated.
  6. $0. I'm volunteering this season as a Salvation Army Bell Ringer. Then maybe back to pay phone franchising in the new year.
  7. Spectacular thread contribution!
  8. false, but saw someone else do this successfully. They did it hammer fist action style even. TPBM tried whippin donuts with a front wheel drive.
  9. Re: Blue Ball = Hernia it's a hernia. Groin hernia. Had it. not a good time.
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