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  1. dudone

    Official Battle Thread

    How about Rukis..any takers
  2. dudone

    Official Battle Thread

    Who's up for a battle
  3. dudone

    Official Battle Thread

  4. dudone

    Official Battle Thread

    Still open to battle
  5. dudone

    Canvas Thread

    What u think
  6. dudone

    masters black book battles

    Nig I'm down forthat Shit let's,gett it crackin ,what theme or just all out
  7. dudone


    just post niggas
  8. dudone

    the NEW sketch thread

    what ya think
  9. dudone

    the NEW sketch thread

    somethin from the bible:bomb:
  10. dudone

    bloomington son get up

    send as many bloomington writers as possilbe
  11. dudone


    man you dudes are slow as fuck none of that shit is berlin , all that shit bloomington writers met them befor get ya facts straight
  12. dudone

    c.o.r.o. Puerto Rico

    shits tight , prolly don't mean shit comen from somebody new to the site , but your boi whos doing the shea i love you stuff could use some work