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  1. hahahaha enamel of all people is trying to call a boston head biting a philly hand? you're not fooling anybody lil man, hope you remember what happens on your next central square run in.
  2. Re: FONTS FONTS FONTS I know this is a long shot but if anyone has GGX88 (family or individual weights) it would be much appreciated.
  3. if anyone has flicks of the clean MARC from DC that was posted on HYB can you please PM me? I was told there were also on here but I couldn't find them....
  4. she wasn't talking about writers in general, she was talking about writers that paint clean trains.
  5. jealous that I didn't get the job? thats a stupid question, I posted it more to discuss about how only 1 out of these 4 "graffiti artists" actually even claims to paint. One dude is a production designer, another one is just a fine artist and one is a sticker fag. I just think there are times where companies try to squeeze some youthful appeal out of graffiti and the difference is very clear when good respected, writers who have transcended into the commercial art world (SP, Mare, Twist, Espo etc.) work on projects like this in contrast to people that use "graffiti art" as a stepping stone or a shortcut into the spotlight of the art world. The quality reflects it very much, at least in my opinion.
  6. The Mission Fresh graffiti project is the latest fresh idea inspired by America’s favorite coffee. Four street artists had 72 hours (and an endless supply of Dunkin’ coffee) to paint the largest graffiti art mural ever hung in Times Square, New York City. Visit missionfresh to see the art, watch project videos and paint your own Dunkin’ coffee cup mural. seriously they paid some herbs thousands of dollars to make some doo doo shit to go up in times square. check out the "revolution" http://www.missionfresh.com
  7. The problem with this thread is not the advice, its the audience. Obviously graffiti shouldn't be learned over the internet but that is a whole other clusterfuck of its own. It takes about 30 seconds of reading your posts to figure out that you are a girl who is in her mid twenties tops and you credit yourself for being "into" graff for ten years when in reality, you saw some kid write "Rocket King 69" in his english notebook back in 7th grade and that was that. You obviously have not ever actually perused an understanding of graffiti before the last 6 months: Tango 24 is right in just about everything he's said in this thread. Just because there are aspects of refined typography that can be used and contorted in graffiti doesn't mean it should be considered a building block for toys. Serif and San Serif typefaces can make all the difference in the design world. But on a wall it doesn't matter. If shit is wack nobody is gonna say "damn bro why the fuck are you still rocking Gill Sans? You need to step your Baskerville game up dawg." That's not how this thing works. The truth is there is a lot to be learned from typefaces when it comes to simples, sure, but its hard to make a compelling argument for anything past keyboard letters, all that does is waste time. Period. its been said a million times and that's because it's true, you want to learn graffiti? go look at good fucking graffiti. Shit these lazy idiots don't even have to get up, they can study style masters in the very same chair that you want them to pore over descenders and brackets in. Also this isn't quite in the same realm but it's an important point to make: just because many principles of graffiti can be successfully implemented as design tools, doesn't mean it works equally the other way around. There are tons of successful designers that grew up as writers and have unique insight that gives them a competitive edge in the design industry, but I have yet to read an interview with a writer who said that he got into graffiti because of Paul Rand or some shit like that. writer then designer = writer and designer. designer then writer = designer and toy.
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