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  1. Lady_Sec

    Is New York the biggest hating City in todays Graf game?

    n8galicia you're a fucking troll....go troll up some more threads and leave your witty comments. Although I ain't gotta tell you to do that, you're going to anyway....whatev NYC isn't the biggest hating city, its 12oz. these bitches got beef with anyone who ain't got 20 tictacs and been a member since this place opened. Yeah they aired me out, big fucking deal.
  2. Lady_Sec

    GC most wanted in Albuquerque

    Thanks for the fame you gave *me*
  3. Lady_Sec

    Spray Paint

    But you forgot the "/no homo" part. :rolleyes:
  4. Lady_Sec

    Members of the Ontz I need your advice

    no way there is a thread for this. i've seen everything
  5. Lady_Sec


    Mmm nutella
  6. Lady_Sec

    handstyle medallions

    I'd never wear them around my neck. It would be cool to have just as a paperweight or something on my desk at work.
  7. Lady_Sec


    If the thread was still up you'd have seen I never said I painted for 10 years. I'm not mad about getting found out about how toy I am. Im pretty toy. Never claimed I was great. You will find a way to argue your point with anything I say anyways. I have people asking why everyone's hating on me in PM's....even they see it's fucking stupid.
  8. Lady_Sec


    I like graffiti because people jump all over shit when you say you've been painting for 10 years. When in fact you haven't been painting for 10 years, just interested in it off and on for 10 years. Bitches just wanna bitch....haterz just wanna hate...12oz is not graffiti culture, graffiti culture is outside of your monitor. Trust.
  9. Lady_Sec

    Jesse James Cheated on Sandra Bullock....

    Srsly dude....get off my fake rubber dick. It's getting old reading about the same shit...just rewritten over and over.
  10. Lady_Sec

    my little brother is gay..

    ANY pussy? Even midget pussy, granny pussy, tranny pussy?? ....you just left that door WIIIIDE open dude. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. Lady_Sec

    Jesse James Cheated on Sandra Bullock....

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: jesus I'm glad someone else but me sees that shit. give it UP already FFS Oh and for getting that thread deleted..read rule #1. I told you I didn't give a shit about your opinion of me...and as for snitching about it ....fuck yeah I did, WHY YOU CRYING?! :lol:
  12. Lady_Sec

    Jesse James Cheated on Sandra Bullock....

    Tatted dick for a tatted bitch