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  1. Uploaded with ImageShack.us definitely the best hangover cure! first few sips taste like shit but that means its the real deal i guess.
  2. finally some quality shit to look at
  3. :D Fuck pizzas...open up the back of the metro times and send some trannys over to his crib.
  4. im not gonna call the dude haha. what a joke though. throwups will look real nice over that shit. haha
  5. fuck...can you send me the link to his site? i cant find it. only in detroit do old hipster nerds like this exist. thinkin they're doin somethin clever or some shit and be able to get away with it. it sucks when someone finally paints some quality non-forgettable shit here and it get gone over by some art turd...
  6. lotta crappy graffiti in here.
  7. skip throwin up jeff zuck haha...bump that.
  8. I need some Retna art in my apartment.
  9. Yes. That spot was rad. That's how ya do it.
  10. i remember seeing that fohr rooftop in philly:cool:
  11. http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhyQt4YCU72HtAy6dn
  12. good ol' classic american graffiti. bump the NSF's
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