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Everything posted by gnarbucket

  1. Just thinking about stepping to a wall and painting a beveled font confuses the hell outta me.:scrambled: props.
  2. that last NSF wall is so good.
  3. that kuma false spot is carazy
  4. i have that thrasher issue somewhere. i'll scan and post it when i get a chance.
  5. whats the name of the skatepark on the last page?
  6. helm fume etch- sick car! this whole page is bangin'
  7. and then we got 'snax' coming thru?? now everyones been here.
  8. gnarbucket

    CES one

    one of the best to ever do it!
  9. hamtramck- highland park- detroit, all the same shithole of a city lol
  10. ugh maybe tender and teader are a different thing?
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