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  1. ps...the thought of painting a C in front of those 'rap' pieces is sooooo tempting. j/k i wouldnt.
  2. You have a good point. But, like i said you can't get mad at it. They do what they do. 'Dont' has been crushing since 99/00'....he's definitely at a point were he can do whatever the hell he wants and get away with it. On another note, there is more of an art to doing a throw up then most people think. I can't do a good one to save my life. Most writers can't pull off a good one. They definitely got their shit down. Enough of me being a 12oz nerd....
  3. What do you mean? They bomb more than ANYONE in this city hands down. Whats not to 'feel' about it? It's fun to drive around and see the same people smashing the city over and over. I feel that. At the same time I'd rather see someone drop a piece at a hot spot. There's so many spots that you can just chill at and pull off something real nice. But that's what they do. Can't get mad at them.
  4. That first Ferrari truck is rad. I remember seeing that and for some reason forgot to save it. If I'm not mistaken its in LA?
  5. That Ether-Woes is smokin!
  6. done. yes, a few of those were probably stolen. trust me nobody cares if they were your flicks.
  7. more....when imageshack stops bein a lil' bitch.
  8. some randoms i've got saved...get this shit back on track.
  9. that last Pure is crazyness.
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