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  1. felosopher says 'if i hate water so much, why do i love fish'
  2. if you aint got no rims nigga dont get no woodgrain steering wheel if you cant understand how to do 3d dont attempt some shitty wildstyle
  3. got a couple of pics from the 'pistons & pints' vintage meet tonight, lots of cafes, mostly hondas. also met jack white and conversed for a while, despite his recent musical decisions, still a very cool guy. coolstorybr0.
  4. Re: $%37984gt52973498ty i like the spicy chicken deluxe
  5. looking at some tumblr weed right na0
  6. oreilly is going to phoenix we need a new coach
  7. really? it seems to me like you do have big meats in your rear haha bad day at work huh? take it out on the car thread! sweet, 500 brake horses im assuming? burnouts are cool! whats it like in the turns? performance only matters in a straight line, which is why mustangs are sooOOoooOo dank i swear i couldve predicted you drove a truck from your first post in here.
  8. my friend dated her when she was still hot
  9. go back to the drawball thread and make yourself useful turd
  10. 20 minute handys from paser 8======D
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