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  1. just got back last sunday from two great (and lucky) weeks in frisco, nc (obx). if you're staying north of Cape Hatteras Nat'l Seashore, you may be okay. If it's bad, i'd expect not much to be cleaned up anywhere south of Oregon Inlet when highway 12 becomes two lanes, and the island gets skinnier. Good luck though.
  2. that page brought a huge smile to my face. RIP nace
  3. that is part of their game. my next door neighbor growing up (a girl), ended up on birthright, then became a tank commander in the IDF for like 5 years. its not really a conspiracy. the same shit happens when i go to the grocery store sometimes, where a marine will approach me and try to make it look interesting. some people fall for it, some dont. most just wanna go on birthright to get fucked up and fuck some super hairy pussy. /noschlomo
  4. Why in every town does this woman work at a fast food joint? There is always one, short, fat, pissed off, white trash woman taking your order...neck fat spilling out over your sweat stained collar, breathing mad heavy because talking and tapping is so physically taxing, cutting me off mid order to scream at some kid covered in hot grease and raw meat just to tell him he's lazy and should just quit... utter scust. Srsly, they all have one troll gatekeeper that keeps you from the tasties.
  5. you could probably smell that thing from miles away.
  6. And yea, it has started out super slow...and strange. The second episode was basically unbearable to watch. Between the boredom and those fucking kids, I was hard pressed to finish it. This past weeks wasn't so bad. At least Dexter killed someone, the kids were gone, and shit seems to be heating up. And earl said something about Quinn being sick or something? Anyone know? That dude gave up roids for mountains of blow...and then got some surgery to put back on his nose and chin...weird shit, dude looks haggard. OH And that Venezuelan cop is super duper hot. Especially when she's standing next to Ogre-Deb.
  7. its is julia styles. so disappointed. I hated her in everything except 10 Things I Hate About You, because so many other actors made that a fun watch. I hope she doesn't ruin this season with her fat head, tiny beady roach eyes, and SEVERE LACK OF TALENT. AKA, I hope Dexter kills her in the next couple of episodes. If not...oh well, we shall see...
  8. lotta truth on this page, minus the first statement. wondering about the new character introduced (lady cop)? drunk.
  9. all about the hornets in this game. when i moved to college they had an NBA jam machine in the basement of the building. Wasted so many hours down there, playing and then unplugging, getting a buck fifty back, and etc etc etc. where does the jam time go?
  10. words, i do not have. :scrambled:
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