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  1. ATTENTION MARKY MARK:::: I'm not going to c'mon and feel it.
  2. You tell me? I don't wear tight pants My hair is shaved Do you not get it I don't give two shits about you? and same for your fag posse who all hop a ride in the fag mobile to my threads.
  3. I said I knew him we were homies, I didn't google his name you fucking moron next time you should actually read the post you comment on. This goes for the rest of you total fucking retards who made similar comments.
  4. Well If you knew something at all I would not be teenage knowing TIE. Fuck off have some fucking respect
  5. Teenage suburban folk are angry on the webz
  6. I knew a cat named TIE murdered on a fire escape. What you getting at son?
  7. Peanut faggot, the lamest of lame rap talk you keep posting is for the birds. Get with the program bitch!
  8. Your lame dude, sucks you hit your head so hard you retarded and got a brain INJURY.
  9. Is that all you got is lame wrap letterz lyricks?
  10. Mr harvey said he would ban people for that kind of language.
  11. Since when has glenn been considered a nerd? He could kick all our asses at his age of 55 while singing mother on note.
  12. Sweet bro you just established yourself as an internet nerd, congratulations!
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