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  1. Cool idea...some okay print designs, but the backpack shape designs are balls. Yeah it's relatively pointless, but come on if you thought of the idea you'd be like cash money bitches.
  2. XXX:The Next Level (XXX vin deisel movie)..... nerdy polite guy in gun fueled car chase: "Uh, sorry sir but isn't that a dead end??" Ice Cube: "There Aint No Such Thingg As A Diiiid End!!!" Cue; car crash / explosions / gunfire
  3. 6am can you please get over your little e-beef with me. I really couldn't care less. Perth isn't brazil? Uh..I think you completely missed the point there, hey. chill the fuck out you caps lock renegade
  4. listen to what pioneer graffers from around the world have to say on the matter, then perhaps you'll understand what I mean. Why do you think brazilian/rio graff has such tall, elongated letters? due to the structure & style of the city. eels stick to posting pics (even though in the last month half of them have been reposts). Go find some scraggly tags and try up your cred some more :) fucking poser
  5. dude, don't write a paragraph of YOUR OPINION...then rudely dismiss any others when they resopond. I'm engaging in conversation not trying to have a fucking retarded e-war. If you have a different POV, explain it instead of raging. And yes, I am deadly fucking serious.
  6. the euro/brazilian style Biek indulges in is "hot right now" (and is admittedly a good style) but to truly be innovative one should consider even the dynamics of Perth City itself when shaping/styling ones tag. i.e. drawing from those other styles, but personalising them to suit the city as well as the writer.
  7. it's times like these you need CHARLES MANSON
  8. christo-f, can you please repeat that..All I saw was "I was routinely molested as a child by my crossdressing amputee-midget step-father and my only source of emotional release is to deflect my woes onto an online forum, by being a troll bitch."
  9. its "too", not "to" Cant stand basic grammatical errors. Grade school, bitches. Now, may the american sports talk continue...
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