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  1. here's some of the good ones that were posted on the first 20 pages or so with a few exceptions a plane is flying over america when the pilot says " i have good and bad news. the bad news is that we're going to crash, the good news is that if we get rid of some passengers we might be able to land." so he says " we'll go alphabetically, we'll start with A.. are there any African Americans on board?" no one answers "are there any Blacks on board?" again no one answers " are there any Colored people?" still no answer. a little black boy looks at his dad and says "dad, aren't we all 3, African American, Black, and Colored?" the father says "No, son, today we're niggers, let the mexicans go first." what do you tell a girl with two black eyes..? nothing..you already told her twice.. whats the difference between a gay man and a fridge? a fridge doesent fart when you pull out the meat. what do you do to a stumbling black man in your backyard? shoot him again. whats long and hard on a black man? teh third grade. Q: Why do black people play basketball? A: They can run, shoot, and steal Q: What's long, black and smelly? A: An unemployment line. Q: What's so good about an Ethiopian blow-job? A: You know she'll swallow. Why did the redneck cross the road? A: Because he coundn't get his dick out of the chicken. Why do Jews have big noses? Air's free...... what do you do when you see a black in your back yard with half his head blown off..? stop laughing and reload. whats wrong with 5 blacks in a cadillac driving off a cliff.. a cadillac fits 6. There was a Jap, a Mexican, and an American standing over a bridge. They came to throw something over the bridge that they had too much of...The Japanese man threw over some rice, the Mexican threw over some beans, and the American threw over the Mexican. why doesnt mexico ever win the olympics? if they could run or swim, they'd be in the u.s. Why don't women know how to ski? No snow between bedroom and kitchen Why don't women wear watches? There's a clock on the stove What do you do when your dishwasher breaks?? Slap the bitch. how do you turn a dishwasher into a snowblower? give the bitch a shovel.. A black and a Mexican are in a car, who's driving? A cop Q:What do you call two Mexicans playing basketball?? A:Juan on Juan Q:What do you call four black guys in a car?? A:Tinted windows Q:What are the first words a Mexican hears in the US? A:"Attention K-Mart shoppers" Q:What do you call two black guys in a sleeping bag? A:TWIX! Q:Why are black people's palms white? A:Because their hands were facing the wall when Jesus was spray painting them black. Q:How do you blindfold a Chinese guy? A:With dental floss Q:What do you call a thousand black guys falling from the sky? A:night Q:What do you call a bunch of black guys on a ship? A:Chips ahoy! Q:What's the difference between a vending machine and Monica Lewinsky? A:The vending machine says "insert Bill here" Q: what do 54,000 abused woman have in common? A: none of them fucking listen Q: what do you do after raping a deaf mute girl? A: break her fingers so she can't tell anybody Q: whats the difference between St. Patrick's Day and Martin Luther King day? A: on St. Patrick's Day, everybody wants to be Irish Q: why don't puerto ricans have check books? A: because its impossible to write your name that small in spray paint Q: what do you call a puerto rican midget? A: a spec Q: why is there so little puerto rican literature? A: spray paint wasn't invented until 1949 Q: whats the first thing a woman does when she gets home from the battered womens clinic? A: the dishes if the bitch knows whats good for her Q: how do you keep 5 black guys from raping a white woman? A: give them a basketball Why does helen keller masturbate with her left hand? -So she can moan with the right
  2. dont know if this was posted but.... what runs faster than a black kid with the tv? his brother with the vcr
  3. the nazi's made crystal meth too. hitler was the biggest meth head ever, always on his toes though
  4. yo seph that shit is dope
  5. some old shit "..."
  6. Re: Great Pictures~ that dick shirt is fucked
  7. its deffinatley a cover of a cd to a band
  8. the tracy morgan show was ill
  9. i just got it in my messages. it was so fucked.
  10. HeadMilk Newbie Posts: 0 Join Date: Apr 2008 Status: Offline Hey, I'm Looking to interview Graffiti artists anonymously online - 04-06-2008, 10:25 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm a New York area University student doing a project on graffiti and I'd like to know if you would/could do an anonymous interview with me. Preferably through AIM. The interviews will be completely anonymous and I won't be recording(have no interest in) your real name or any info like that. I'm just trying to get an honest look into graffiti culture. If you're interested or have any questions please reply/ send me a private message. You can also reach me by email at revolutionnumber8@yahoo.com Thank you
  11. paint rusto's gloves blade bandana/respirator and honest abe with me.
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