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  1. true tpbm lives in a major metropolitan area
  2. ^you obviously recognize a great man when you see one... im 99% sure you do not need the aid of spectacles
  3. is that a piss stain under that bitch??^
  4. CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH...or that honey clusters stuff.. i dont eat much cereal.. tpbm buys store brand
  5. zen you should tone your handstyle down (think red already mentioned this), work with simple hands to get the flow of each letter... the radar looks pretty good (missed a little 3D on the a's, maybe thicken the middle bar a bit) and that one from ryke is 248975687934X better than the first one..
  6. i dont always paint... but when i do, i paint without basic letter structure and piss off people on 12oz... ..STAY CLASSY MY FRIENDS.
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