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  1. that EPIK is fucking awesome, super creative
  2. good post, nice reverse alphabetical order
  3. the homie was definitely from WV, and crushed Morgantown hard (the whole state really), but he went to Pitt from 98-01 and got put down with RA in Pbrgh. He did the damn thing while he was up there, and I know somebody's got pics...
  4. bump that ozker, that's the homie I asked a while ago and cyclops helped me out, but now that old flicks are popping up I'm gonna ask again... I'm looking for any flicks from PSST (RA). My dude passed away back in November, and I'm trying to collect all of the pictures I can. He used to get up with Ozker, Spiez, DeeAre, Lyte, HK, and various members of SPB. He put in a lot of work from 99-01. He used to have 3 or 4 dope-ass pieces in the old hotel on mt washington Thanks
  5. Re: **2010 PHOTO HUNT THREAD BITCHES** while I never contribute to this thread, i do check it out occasionally and thought of this when I got invited to join a facebook group dedicated to this website http://capturethephrase.com/ It's essentially the same concept.
  6. we come from the west virginia coal mines... great bench, props
  7. great post i like that strike kept his theme while doing the phrite tribute
  8. Last edited by itsallart : 03-17-2009 at 03:48 PM. Reason: Its like a two year old girl telling me shes gonna kill me. shits so interthug this shit had me cracking up... great post
  9. damn, great fucking update, i'm glad you got pics before they're gone for good
  10. nice update, loving the streaks
  11. good update as usual... eventually you would have to go north to get back where you started sorry, no more non-graff talk from me props
  12. Does anybody have flicks of PSST - RA crew? the homie lived in Pittsburgh in the late 90s - early 00s and passed away recently, I'm trying to collect all the flicks I can he used to get up with HK, Ozker and DeeAre, and I know he had multiple pieces in that old hotel on mt washington hit me with a pm or post here...
  13. ricockulous thread, props the planes on the trains are pretty awesome
  14. there's been a knit bomber here for a hot minute too
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ql-N3F1FhW4&feature=channel where my mother fathers at? straight ownin bake sales with my cupcake skills
  16. good post stereo, you should have just started a thread...
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