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  1. KARE?

    Art Primo

    oinks my fav love that nigga james hookin us up
  2. ahaha thats fucken dopeee think it would work half as well with grog?
  3. word that seems legit just dont give out any personal info and make a new sn for the interview if your really a paranoid fuck
  4. KARE?


    this thread should be archived its priceless
  5. KARE?


    hahahah thats fucked up :lol: last bump promise
  6. ^^^^^ :lol: :lol: :lol: if only it was that easy hahah
  7. Re: Great Pictures~ wow what are the chances of getting this pic!!
  8. ahahah lmao shes buggin
  9. *throws up all over computer desk* :sick:
  10. KARE?

    house raids

    omggg cry me a fucken river pussy bitches in milwaukee thank god my town isnt that soft *edit* sorry for the double post btw :D
  11. KARE?

    house raids

    idiot they do it all the time hahahaha :lol:
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