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  1. i like guner's throwie but i agree with aj
  2. bump bump. caught it on the road in langley park
  3. shut the fuck up half this page is you going lololol lololol i want to suck hoa's nuts. lololol at least steal some pictures and post them. you have never posted a single flick. until you do, stop complaining about how theres no pictures.
  4. fuck the haters. keep the flicks rolling yall
  5. LOL big sound up here schooling everyone!^^^
  6. haha who is this? felos, elite, aven? nothings going up jackass. maybe you dont live in dc. everybody painting in dc that is any good, i know them at least on here. your definitely not one of them. just fall in line with all the other anonymous bitches.
  7. so what happens if you get pulled over, sayyyy, at a sobriety checkpoint. do you know what the first thing they ask for is? youve obviously never driven a car before.
  8. chances are, none of us are rich, but its still funny when you two argue.
  9. this is all bullshit. nobody is painting dc. red line has been buffed for two weeks. only two spots have been hit since. if nobody can even paint red line, how are the streets gonna get painted. ha. this thread should be closed till people actually start painting dc again. as in more than one or two people.
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