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  1. chicken fried steak, cream gravy, scrambled eggs, hash browns and raisin toast. hangover cure and diabetes cause.
  2. False. The taqueria down the street maybe. The person below tries to go out and have a few beers but almost always closes the bar down.
  3. Carhartt T Levis 505 Tony Lama TLX
  4. Just ate some pho tai nam and some egg rolls.
  5. I've fucked alot of bar whores and women that were far from tens but I wouldn't put my dick anywher near these broads. Throw em under the dumpster.
  6. your hose is short, your stream is weak, you better step up or you'll piss on your feet
  7. stresssack


    Marlboro Gold Pack are my smoke of choice but I smoke Mediums when they're on sale and I'm broke. I end smoking my girl's gay ass Camel Crush when I'm out of smokes late night..
  8. Tony Lama tlx boots Levis and a t shirt
  9. True, I never wear em though.. The person below gets burned at work all the time.
  10. Im off today but im getting drunk early. The person below has to take a shit.
  11. Wallet smokes green bic bar tab from last night truck keys soapstone earplugs phone is mysteriously absent though...
  12. False. Never in my life. The person below rarely gets more than a few hours of sleep a night.
  13. This happened to me while playin wing man for my boy. This chick wanted to fuck him and her fat friend invited us to her house to drink all the free beer we could drink. At about three in the morning she bet me I can't chug the rest of this bottle of scotch(yes i got played) and next thing I know my boy is draging me out her house yelling " we need to get the fuck outta here!". Then procceded to go to the crackerbarrel during the afterchurch rush and my still drunk ass makes a huge scene yelling about how I was just raped by a fatty. I couldn't look at myself in the mirror
  14. After getting obviously hurt: "Dude, did that hurt? Fuck you.
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