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  1. Doggie... Rule #1, no biting. Everybody and they mom support and watch GGN w Snoop. RNN? Wack format, weak name. Your prop points do not transfer IRL
  2. this fool watched an andrew carnegie youtube video and we've made it to page 16? just close the thread. bill gates jesus lul
  3. i used to fucks wit tinychat. where milk grenades at. and where edit: and bags..how the fuck could i forget bags.
  4. wasn't around back then but i did catch this recently. cheers
  5. for a dude promoting a winning lifestyle you sure have alienated everyone and given me a headache. die
  6. cancer dancer, is that the fool in philly w/ the goat?
  7. yeah and randy moss "only tries on first and third down"
  8. had to login just to block you jesus saves. quit ruining this thread that was on quite a healthy comeup on quality flicks since the general population decline on these boards..two cents
  9. "and when i'm pumping my gas i don't want to hear your little jon, your triple six" ha ha ha http://www.vice.com/vice-news/triple-hate-part-1
  10. teach penpal heat entor pase sone aqua
  11. i know you're ignorant and don't care but i'll throw you a bone...no excuse for ignorance anymore show some respect for the craft
  12. hey dumb fuck. have you ever realized that maybe 12ozprophet is using a forum model designed by a third party? ever look in the bottom left corner of the screen? powered by vBulletin. the eCard thing is standard online and you can easily go into the control panel and disable the option of downloading it. like i did, seven years ago. now kindly, fuck off p.s. exif data is what you need to worry about. google meta data. http://exifdata.com/
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