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  1. commit

    New wholesaler/graff supply hopefully

    Do some work. Getting a business licenses is not hard at all. You do not need a store front to deal with wholesalers, You need to be a business. By getting a business licenses, you will get a tax exemption ID also. Macphearsons or any wholesaler will definitely work with you. You should be on a business start up forum looking into how to do things legally (like you say you want to do) instead of on a graffiti forum asking people what you should stock. Sounds like your running for the fences before you started to crawl.
  2. commit

    The KEGR thread

    How does this amuse you? The dude reup'd a spot within a month of it getting got and he's not even from this country? The OG's, who live in Philly never even tried to reclaim it.
  3. commit


  4. commit


    COLOR was done for a UArts project for a friend along with a TIME and SPACE piece
  5. commit


    Ronin Jake Sire Won Curve
  6. commit

    **Autoracks seen by the naked eye**

    those PW's are nice!!!
  7. commit

    Reefer Madness

    Pagan Lunch
  8. commit

    Benching in Atlanta

    Esteme Obur Cipe Stoic Pagan Vance
  9. commit

    The eagle has landed

    way too many to name.
  10. commit

    freight junkies post here!!!!

  11. commit

    Reefer Madness

    that UPFE is nice
  12. commit

    Northeast Report 4

    Obur Ronin
  13. commit