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  1. Do some work. Getting a business licenses is not hard at all. You do not need a store front to deal with wholesalers, You need to be a business. By getting a business licenses, you will get a tax exemption ID also. Macphearsons or any wholesaler will definitely work with you. You should be on a business start up forum looking into how to do things legally (like you say you want to do) instead of on a graffiti forum asking people what you should stock. Sounds like your running for the fences before you started to crawl.
  2. How does this amuse you? The dude reup'd a spot within a month of it getting got and he's not even from this country? The OG's, who live in Philly never even tried to reclaim it.
  3. COLOR was done for a UArts project for a friend along with a TIME and SPACE piece
  4. Ronin Jake Sire Won Curve
  5. Esteme Obur Cipe Stoic Pagan Vance
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