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  1. Wow, thank you very much, all of you have given some very great info I plan to use. I will make sure to repay the favor somehow. Keep those ideas comin :D
  2. It probably is, my bad. God damn I feel fucking retarded tonight.
  3. I was just dishin out with ya, can we still be friends? I know where Im getting the loan, the only distributor givin me probs is Macphersons, I dont seem to be havin a prob with the other pees at Artprimo etc. The reason why I dont give out my exact location and store name is because I dont want my idea stolen as I think its a huge opportunity to reach some untapped market where Im at. Theres currently only 1 competitor who is Dick Blick but I plan on offering services they dont as well as better variety and pricing. Pricing below a big box retailer CAN be done.
  4. Right, well Im doing it basically like a Dick Blick but with more spray paint. Since Im next to some universities I figure Ill be getting most of my business from the art students and Im next to a shitload of art galleries that feature writers so I figure Ill get some business from full time artists as well. Its not gonna be like 33third but more like a Dick Blick with way more spray paint.
  5. yeah, like Im gonna be next to 2 universities and some highschools so Im gonna be catering to the art students as well.
  6. Yo I get it, people are gonna wan to try and be billy bad ass and try to break in, steal, etc. I got theft and shit covered. The store is not going be be some pansy ass hipster joint with a huge glass window without security. Plus you gotta have insurance to cover your inventory. Im more concerned about some constructive input from customers, not in ideas of busting into my joint. Besides, if your over 18 and risking a felony just for a few cans of paint I have to question your risk assessment skills. Racking is for kids who dont have to worry about prison.
  7. Roll down gates son. The cops in my city DO actually give a shit for small businesses trying to revive the economy ;)
  8. Oh for real? Thanks then I appreciate it. So thats something that you would want to see from a supply store? Like brown paper bags so people cant see your shit? Ill jot that down, good idea.
  9. Nice one, but all the cans will be behind the shelf to prevent racking. I know all the tricks, plus this is a small business not Home Depot.
  10. Hello forum members, how are you? Im currently in the process of opening up an art supply aimed at urban/street artists, writers, students, and everyone in between. I have a few questions for you and would be mucho appreciative if you helped out. Im trying to get the ball rolling and come up with a business plan to get a loan but so far am running into a road block with the American distributor of Montana gold Macphersons. They wont give me the wholesale prices until I have a storefront and I cant have a storefront until I get the loan and to complicate it even further, I cant get the loan unt
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