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  1. nice pack! I just finished another roll, so once I get that developed, and some doubles off the other roll, i'll be sending that out to you, nicks. I'm always willing to trade with anyone else out there.
  2. Grasp

    Orlando Thread

    shoutout to those who know...
  3. Grasp

    Orlando Thread

    I think 4/4ths of Orlando has used that T.
  5. Grasp

    Orlando Thread

    Im down to drop kick a nurga.
  6. FALSE. TPBM Thinks all of our text on christmas should look like this.
  7. FAWLSE. LUV MY VANILLYA GURL. tpbm either sleeps or plays video games.
  8. the current pizza place i work at has had a string of cheese thefts. we're talking a 100 pounds of shredded cheese. They sell em to mom and pop pizza stores for big profit. I once saw a "It takes a criminal" type show that was all about breaking into trains and shit. lucrative business right there.
  9. can't seem to log in from my phone, which is where i oontz the most. TPBM has worked a job they actually enjoy.
  10. I THINK IM BIG PEACH. KENNETH MORGAN. I LIKE PIANO. BUT I PLAY THE ORGAN. RUUUH (rick ross... eh? eh?!) TPBM thinks that was a horrible way to rejoin this thread.
  11. false. ima sleep in, on my turkey high, and go shopping online.
  12. true. i am an actual computer. TPBM is afraid of not writing anymore.
  13. true, but not this one, don't feel bad my dude. TPBM went from jobless to 45 hours a week.
  14. Chicken and rice krispie treat cereal. Sweet and tangy! TPBM thinks I'm gross.
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