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  1. Grasp

    Orlando Thread

    I'll take "How many days have you been writing" for $1,000, Alex.
  2. Grasp

    Orlando Thread

    Somebody please punch somebody.
  3. false. I lotion up like a black girl. TPBM smokes mad blunts and thinks about space/time.
  4. False, stuck here for a bit. TPBM has a walk in freezer at their work place.
  5. Grasp

    Orlando Thread

  6. true. since i work a shit ton. and i'm always checkin' stocks n shit. TPBM is ready to sleep in for once this week.
  7. neighborhood kid stole his moms car and flipped it right in front of me. random ass animals in my yard the block is hot my cat thinks he's people R.I.P.
  8. false. it feels amazing ryenow. TPBM wants to sell me one of them ipods for free.
  9. False, Free pizza with mild buffalo sauce TPBM just turned on dat adult swim.
  10. false, except i woulda explained it with the alligator metaphor. the "<" is a alligator, and it eats the bigger number. 14>7 etc... TPBM is a math guru.
  11. One of the delivery drivers at my work got held at gunpoint today. He was delivering to a jail in our area and like 3 minutes after they place the order, someone called the jail, saying they were going to blow the place up and shoot everyone. Pizza guy shows up, and starts walking down little service road that, apparently, they use to transport prisoners. A guy in a guard tower says "I have you in my sights, do not move." Cops come up, guns drawn, and search him. They apologize, tip him 8 bucks, and order more pizza for later in the day. TPBM actually read that whole story.
  12. true. worked like, 17 hours in the last 2 days. new job, new money. TPBM is a wise, tea drinking atheist.
  13. haha false to the first part, but true to the last. picked my nose and had harbor blue boogies. TPBM wishes Rusto made a purple outside of Painters Touch
  14. i wish. can't find anyone that wants shit done. TPBM has shit they should be doing, but instead, they lurk flickr/12oz
  15. false. I know how bad that shit sucks. TPBM misses rusto stock caps.
  16. Grasp

    Orlando Thread

    hate those waffle cars, but they actually came out good.
  17. i went when i lived with my parents, but i haven't gone in like 3-4 years. TPBM hates parents with shitty kids.
  18. True. Hate customer service for that reason. TPBM hates their neighbors dog.
  19. I fucking wish. TPBM woke up to temps in the 30's
  20. that's... really creepy. yes, yes i am. TPBM loves finding unexpectedly awesome things
  21. Kinda barely. My girls parents watch it, and i watch little clips here and there. TPBM thinks ghadalfi and tupac are chillin' right now.
  22. I've only had 1 house with one. Because it's florida and it "never gets cold" TPBM loves the weather.
  23. thought I had cancer. developed a huge lump on my neck. turns out it was a swollen lymph node. TPBM thinks racism is cool.
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