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Everything posted by Grasp

  1. that super rare seafoam rusto green, charleston green rusto, jade green painters touch, and any of the tans from montana gold. TPBM is watching college football.
  2. used to when i did my dope rap sprayz on walls. TPBM just got back from somewhere.
  3. True. TPBM loves driving late at night during fall.
  4. was pretty funny, actually. TPBM is going to get bacon right this very second to make a bacon sandwich.
  5. true, only if it's voiced by cee lo green. TPBM is going to tell me what to make/eat for dinner.
  6. handing out props like halloween candy in this thread.
  7. Coca cola bottles and monopoly games... TPBM has a hook-up for white girl. (I've heard various rap songs and I think 650 an ounce is good. someone get at me and we'll write up a contract.)
  8. false. never been high. TPBM has unique job ideas for a young white nigga from da burbs.
  9. ...uh yeah? TPBM is hopped up on goofenthol.
  10. false. TPBM regrets their username
  11. their facebook has a lot more. http://www.facebook.com/NightmaresFearFactory?sk=photos
  12. true, but i'd rather eat a waffle than that. TPBM wakes up with a nasty taste in their mouth.
  13. It's at the very end of a haunted house. You walk out of a door labeled exit, and then a truck drives towards you and stops about 2 feet away. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhIdfvLpnL4&feature=player_embedded
  14. I didn't get serious about 12oz til this year, so i have no clue about DAO or the "teams" in peoples sig. TPBM is going to PM all the inside jokes about the oontz.
  15. http://www.flickr.com/photos/nightmaresfearfactory/with/6141528468/
  16. True, I also couldn't afford the O R. TPBM likes haunted houses.
  17. false. Actually just ate checkers. TPBM has cats.
  18. I totally fucking should. TPBM is going to nap today.
  19. We don't have them, but I'm sure I would. TPBM is going to tell me where to eat for lunch.
  20. true. dexter/weeds/king of the hill TPBM has e-beef with me.
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