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  1. me gusta transsexuals, bruh. TPBM wears a watch.
  2. true. i'm five of the 5 best rappers... TPBM is going car shoppin'
  3. technically, it's only 30 minutes into a new day, so there's a pretty high chance. TPBM will go bench freights tomorrow.
  4. true, but i also thinks he has a good point... GRAFFTRAPAHOLIK$ MIXTAPES. REEEEEEL TRAAAAAAP SHIIIIIIIT. TPBM wants to be a doctor.
  5. yeah, we get paid 4.35 an hour. As opposed to an actual liveable income as in europe/canada other cultures.
  6. Because it was a delivery. Edit: DTS, youre a good guy. Ps. 92 posts in one day omg~
  7. true. jack black >>> tpbm hates facebook statuses.
  8. truish? I live with my girlfriends parents. TPBM eats organic.
  9. I'm back from a week off, so it's time for some benchin'...
  10. make sure you follow my flickr. http://www.flickr.com/photos/raplettersoner/
  11. I don't actually talk like an ignorant gangsta in person, PM me...
  12. anyone lookin' for a bench buddy in the south east, lemme know. I'm tryna travel.
  13. thanks Mr. Butts for keepin' this thread bumpin' while I was MIA
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