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  1. somthin im workin with i dont feel its done but maybe it is
  2. i like the fish with the red background maybe seeking can answer this or any of u im not familiar with painting with brush i only ever used spraypaint so my question is when i look at the fish is that texture or different color brush strokes or what.. mainly the one with red background, like around the eye and the circle close to the tail is that texture or all brush and on the fins did he use like a brush to make the lines thin or what? i really like them and the one with the dude walkin
  3. it says techniques its all techniques i use in my fills well i went a little overboard this time with the splash but theres fading in there from 3 colors leather brown , nutmeg and khaki and it was to plain so i took a paint marker to give it the border effect and i named it techniques
  4. 18x24x18x24 split what ya think?
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