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  1. oh weird, Texas breeds sluts? who woulda known.
  2. i didnt read most of this but similac was a good and easy come up to rack and return cuz of the price.
  3. that one? Or are you talking about the Annual CPS Kite Day event that went down a few days ago?
  4. yo how incredibly pissy and upset are you gonna be when you get banned after paying money to get VIP?
  5. omg fail orly! dont eat that shit dude.
  6. oh dont say that dude youre gonna get into a 5 day argument with someone, fucking trust me.
  7. defy would love this shit.
  8. you think its a joke, wait til Wayne remixes one of these. fire
  9. that huge walk-in closet better be filled with men's warehouse wardrobes kid
  10. right on, been started bankin for a house. too bad starter homes are 500-700k here
  11. people like to whine and complain a lot more about things that bother them instead of taking actions to better, correct, and extinguish those things. and yes Im sorry, but I do believe that 5000 semi/ex/wannabe/neverwas/hardcore vandals wont really be able to rally together and over throw issues that they find stifling them.
  12. oh yeah thats noted. i never said we didnt do that. thats also part of you know, like life. those who have can do while all of us who dont have deal with it. people with any special privilege are gonna be retarded with it, we tend to do shit to amuse ourselves or each other within our lil cliques. unless youre of course shai hulud, the mother theresa of 12oz. i have no problem with you dudes speaking your minds, im generally gonna just disregard it anyways, sorry this has nothing to do with me being a moderator on an online graffiti message board. It has to do with me being a bitter real life prick. thats the cut and dry. But if you feel the need to really fucking voice your concern about shit, then go to crossfire where people really like to be serious and argue about shit they cant change. Otherwise enjoy channel zero for its intent, to be fucking goofy and not serious. anyway if you dudes really get such testicle cramps (no homo) over me just being a straight dick for my own entertainment, ill probably not slow down but ill think about it.
  13. but if its really that important to your life, please feel free to type up all of your thesis into one well thought out thread, post the thread and ill make a sticky so everyone can read it and gain from your vast knowledge and outright concern for them.
  14. but i mean like you do understand that no matter what moderators do you fucking people bitch and cry about it right? like when we moderate and close off topic threads. were over moderating, then when we dont do shit, were not doing our jobs and adding to the problem. but i guess me deleting the shit talking threads wher eyou just ramble on about how horrible i am and i continue to make stupid retorts to further send you into a tizzy is continuing the problem? seriously dude, its ok to not care about a forum where you control nothing, and not to care about the "general wellbeing" of a bunch of people who youre friends with on AIM and myspace.
  15. AHAHAA thats like the 14th funny thing I've read from you. (im keeping a tally, for real, no really)
  16. motherfucker im totally coming in here and arguing about my valid points and how strongly i feel about them. i will defend the honor of all of the channel zero community even though most of my points are complete mute and hypocritical!
  17. aslong as its towards me im all for it.
  18. hating on ^.^ is very 04.
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