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  1. you nerds realize ive brought up my money like 15 times in the past year? and i just keep going with shit that i KNOW twists your limited edition Espo panties in a bunch cuz i love this kinda reaction. and yet youre the ones who cant get over it, and probably send each other udd amounts of myspace messages about how you hate me.
  2. nigga i dont even have to clown you, any reflective surface in your life does that for me.
  3. did i fuck your girlfriend too dude? seriously i think 15 of your last 50 posts have been telling the world how much you hate me. let it go cowboy.
  4. never mix business and pleasure
  5. i do a lot less coke now.
  6. This was written by Liquidteks Magazine but we share our condolences: OnApril 3rd, 2008 at approximately 7:50am, Wayne "FROSTY FREEZE" Froststarted his journey in to the next life. Our condolences go to hisfamily and friends and all who knew of his great legacy. Frostyacknowledged those of us who came to visit him and was in good companyduring his last moments on this earth. For those of you who had thehonor of knowing him, we all know that Frosty had a very celebrativespirit. He was constantly educating people and helped preserve the richhistory of urban and Hip Hop culture. He was "the walking Hip Hopencyclopedia" and was one of the few brothers who had almost totalrecall in terms of history. We ask that you remember him as this greatpositive light who cared and loved many of us just as we loved andcared for him. On this day, we ask that people continue to keep him intheir prayers. God willing, we will post any new information withregard to the wake and his memorial on April 11th. RIP FROSTY FREEZE \
  7. i like to scream "get the fuck outta my way applebottom!" out the window of my car when fat black skanks are walking udd slow in the crosswalk.
  8. AAHAAHAHAHAHA one 'm' right? fuck it. we're a gang.
  9. oh woooow havent seen one of these threads in a minute. Im a demolisher
  10. suki. stick to cardio kickboxing.
  11. you know who else scored infinity?
  12. does not exist haha LIMITS AN SHIT
  13. 23350 thats only cuz im 410lbs.
  14. you chubby he she lookin crustache having monchichi moron instead of registering a bunch of really witty new names you could realize that your original name Deloner isnt banned anymore and hasnt been since like the day after you got banned
  15. is there anything you people dont feel the need to overly argue and defend?
  16. yeah i was drinking a lot of gin and punching a lot of people. I will also dominate any steakhouse ||
  17. you guys really turned this into one hell of a head shaking jesus fucking christ-a-thon.
  18. dude if i ban this kid you know how many online activists are gonna make pictures with cats protesting with cute misspelled signs saying i abused my power and this dude is just an honest man working an honest living and im some tyrannical monster
  19. yeah that would work. i would love for any store worker to stiff arm me at a door haha
  20. does that mean youre into ruby red heads?
  21. my man fucked a grapefruit. that shit is real.
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