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  1. yo big up to my homie Spot la rock, that blue highlighter sketch is bananas
  2. bump those Crest and Cysts! Should see Crest pieces from the mid 90s, that was the real ill shit!Make you think about 90s flavor. The use of those krylon colors!!! Those color schemes and techniques. Bananas! A dope style before kids were biting Ges's styles and then moving on to 'other things'. And in those cutty spots! Power boxes 50 feet off the platform of major train stations, just ill spots! And before the internet! And the hits continue!! KING STATUS!
  3. Colin of Arabia, best front man in hardcore.
  4. background not finished!
  5. yeah I dont think he meant the country.
  6. He was totally hooking everyone he's just met. :lol:
  7. That Ces is one of the nastiest ones hes rocked since the rooftop locked down!!
  8. i heard this dude Tyke had the ill skate session this weekend bro!! That Sekt and Zine are dope
  9. 156 TEK FAM!! LOL AND you actually painted that together!!
  10. those two by fours are all kinds of warped.
  11. yo my nigga Ewok Ill trade you 14 goats and 27 chickens for that canvas whats good?
  12. zone that piece is amazing, the connections, the bounce of the letters mixed with the weights of the bars, jesus dude. and that nero is fuggin fiyah!
  13. holler! character by Sye TC5, painted by Doves TC5ive!
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