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  1. JA - nyc king. (was one from karate kid 3 - plays SNAKE - the bully)
  2. nice thread, post more hoser, he visited melbourne last year, did alot of cool stuff. also post some more subway, any sky train. peace
  3. Perth still is HARD. So i prop him for that. BUT FUCK THE DOG FOR SPEAKING TO POLICE.. THATS LOWER THAN SHARK SHIT... You people need to download/listen to geto boys - g code.
  4. Re: NYC Subways - the good stuff I can't believe CAP MPC is still rockin' robbed an aussie from sydney last year. Fucking rockin. That cunt still smash steel or jus hard street bomber?
  5. Re: NYC Subways - the good stuff Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. OI OI OI. AUSSIE OI.
  6. I'll take that as a compliment, Even if it isn't directed it as one, Im taking it as one y0.
  7. Re: NYC Subways - the good stuff bump them sent flicks.. keepm rollin'
  8. Re: American WholeCar thread... The real LOW UHS UAA you talk so much crap. Quit ya whinging you fucking snail eating poof. Stop fronting on a computer and smash steel, dumb faggot.
  9. Re: NYC Subways - the good stuff Fuck yeah. This thread is bannnnnnngin'
  10. I like cnue's stuff. I reckon he got skill. The top one is funky as fuck. I can dig.
  11. It's fairly out of shape and stuff. but was only a 5 minute sketch, just to contribute.
  12. It's fairly out of shape and stuff. but was only a 5 minute sketch, just to contribute.
  13. Here in Australia, our trains only run till about 1:00am MONDAY TO FRIDAY Saturdays and Sundays till midnight.. And on MON to FRI they began again around 5:00am And on Saturday and Sundays they begin around 7:00am
  14. All up it costs $6,500 and creeping up and up.. Hmm i'm sure alot more places would be a hell of alot more interesting and much easier to paint, But since i was 13 i've had a dream of going to new york, Before i was writing graff, I just wanted to be there, Do it and come home. Ya know. Way back sorta shit.
  15. This is an informant's thread. LOCK AND DELETE. The cops would froth over this shit. OK BOYS AND GIRLS WHO WANTS TO HELP POLICE TODAY, ANYONE? HOW ABOUT WE ALL DROP WHAT PEOPLE RIGHT? YAYYYY! Jaone would most likely eat your children if he ever knew kids were dropping personal family details on the internet. Bunnnnnch on waaaaaaaankers.
  16. REFERING TO NEW YORK CITY ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  17. Cheers lad's. Oh, What they sting ya for those? P.S: Subways run 24 hours? I read it somewhere.. I assume false?
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