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  1. I'm not the "ledgend" who posted a photo of simon overland, or the "ledgend" who felt the need to comment on it. I was just trying to bring up the average intelligence level in here, something you failed to do. I hope you recover from your ice binge comedown quickly and feel a little bit better tomorrow.
  2. Dog? A dog is a scumbag that fucks people over when they don't deserve it. He's just a dude doing his job. People that hate cops just for being cops are retarded.
  3. Sweet thing - Van Morrison.
  4. Oh no, dude did a floater!
  5. I'm on a 3 month business visa, seems endlessly renewable. They've tightened visa control recently, I used to be on a 6 month visa. Price has gone up too, it's now about $120US for 3 months.
  6. I've been living in Hanoi, Vietnam and teaching english for the past 8 months. Jobs are plentiful, the money is fantastic and the chicks are bangin'. There are hundreds of english schools over here. A handful are of a high quality. They pay the best, but they're pretty picky about who they hire. There's a handful at the bottom end who are dodgy as all hell and should be avoided, but the bulk are well run, friendly outfits. There's so much work that there's no need to hook up a job before you get here. For a while, I was only working 15 hours a week, starting at 5.30 pm and banking about $1000US a month. Realistically, you can live off half that. If you work a real 40 hour week, you'll be making serious bank. A TEFL/TESOL cert helps to get work, having a degree of any kind is better, but having experience wins. Realistically, most schools don't care what qualifications you actually have, they just want you to put good stuff on your CV so they can tell the students that you're super qualified. If they ask for proof of qualifications you don't have, just tell them you don't have it with you and put it off until they give you up or you quit and find another job. Works for me. If anyone's thinking about coming here, check out The New Hanoian
  7. Mystery? What fuckin mystery? It's graff groupies like you that make this scene suck balls. Stop being such a cocksucker and go paint.
  8. I read that during test screenings, kids rejected the movie cause it was so dark, which made the studio threaten a whole reshoot, which made Spike Jonze threaten to quit. Not sure what the outcome was.
  9. Re: Great Pictures~ This way comrades!
  10. Yes on the monies, false on the fishes. You don't pluralise it. Like sheep. *Edit - I've now read the rest of the thread and am convinced of the legitimacy of fishes, in a specific circumstance, but it's not my fault they changed the rules when I wasn't looking.
  11. I had toast this morning. I wanted bacon, but I didn't have enough time.
  12. Hoblow

    Muay Thai

    The muay thai you'd learn is more of a sport than a martial art. If you want to learn a comprehensive form of self defense, you're probably better off with kung fu or judo.
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