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  1. Mr.Creep


    damn is that envys new style or what?? if not someone should check them self!!!!
  2. word i'm drunk and it's 9: 8mzzz.i need more aa meetings.na i'm just fuckin with ya,i need pussy
  3. i dont really like that sort of southern bar music, but for johnny cash i can make an exception.......good song! :king: Quoted post Yeah... Johnny Cash is really good. Some of his stuff is alot better than some of the other stuff, but that's obvious. I wish I knew of more music that was POPULAR and good that fits this same kind of sound. I've lived in Texas my whole life, I like GOOD southern music. Quoted post [/b] check out the album murder.it's really good
  4. Mr.Creep

    pt 2

    that boy thus....
  5. My birth,my most important holiday...
  6. prisonplanet.com getthefuckup! infowars.
  7. Mr.Creep


    DBK shux,drunk,shur,puzl do they still wright?
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