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  1. i prefer passengers and i do them a lot more, where im from our subway system is quite small and your one panel that runs for no more than a day gets seen a fair bit.
  2. ha ha be serious mate...nothing but toys in scotland, i seen some mean writers come from scotland. right if im going out to dub say 2 to 3 cans i put them in my pants, between my waistline and stomach and this is the technique every one up here seems to use, for pieces i just use a cotton carrier bag styled bag, and i park pretty close to spot thats getting done, and if im gonna have to wander the streets for a bit i use a general back pack ;)
  3. RAIN_TRB88

    Spray Paint

    i had a montana peach colour like that, i used astro fat cap on it and it still was no good, i put it in boiling water for 5 mins and it worked a little bit, then i pushed it up against a wall with a nail in the valve, it never fully worked properly i just binned it in the end.
  4. yo route, that would be a little silly wouldnt it.
  5. most toys are complete waste of time, and the ones who are not pull through on there own accord ive seen people who i would never look twice at go crazy in a few years and in one case i seen a kid become the best painter in one of the best crews up here, painting passengers for fun and traveling round the country doing steel. and as for this toys do simple stuff malarky....the king of all kings in north east was strictly simple and bubbley and still is to this day.
  6. oo i try to take as little as possible, like to be able to get rid of stuff easily when i need to paint, caps, gloves and general stuff like phone wallet car keys.
  7. in my opinion toy is some one new to the game or likes to call them self a writer yet doesnt get very much done or have never done very much.
  8. nothing better than extra strong white cider for the ultimate destruction mode.
  9. looks wak as fuck to me, the moses sketch above is ok like.
  10. this thread seems pretty over and done with now.
  11. nic fliks, loving that kuma on its side
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