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  1. count chocula


    agreed on the race routine tip — i'm just doing it to mix things up a bit. plus, i really like KNOWING exactly what's in my food. current experiment: whole wheat pancake mix, threw in some blueberry muesli, agave nectar, eggs, olive oil & cook on skillet -- they're good! a bit on the dry side in terms of trying to eat while gasping for air. but, it's the off season, so it's generally all chill/base miles right now. going to try my hand at some flax, nuts, dried fruits, oats, wheat germ, honey type of bars.
  2. just as delicious as i remember maybe even more-so
  3. have i ever mentioned how in love i am with this brewery? everything they make is titts. ESPECIALLY the guldenberg
  4. count chocula


    and this - because it's awesome:
  5. count chocula


    any of you racey types make your own food for the road? i'm talking bars and such. i've been experimenting with various things and i find it much more rewarding than unwrapping a clif bar. though, i do enjoy clif bars.
  6. count chocula


  7. that lagunitas doppel weizen is fucking GOOD. i was quite surprised. they dun good on that one… they dun good.
  8. damn IOU. i actually feel like i've been around to see your cooking excel over the years. /been on this site too long. hopefully you haven't forgotten your brownbag roots.
  9. count chocula


    pretty cool photo's of 90's sf messengers
  10. count chocula


    i don't. in fact, they intimidate me a bit.
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