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  1. Not to rag on SHER, but that article is horrible. Figures though the City Pages get's worse and worse every year.
  2. Its a shame there arent more pages and posts dedicated to tags in this thread. This city was built on awesome hand styles and now all anyone wants to take pictures of is trains. Not to mention that right now there is more tags being done here than ive seen in years. Props to the get uppers ... you know who are.
  3. in my opinion, tags can be posted whenever, Street spots once they're buffed and freights need to have the numbers photo-shopped out if you're going to post them shortly after they've been done.
  4. Photo Courtesy HR PaperStacks
  5. that show was really gu
  6. well said! RIP THNX ONE
  7. Re: Freight WholeCars & E2Es [/img]
  8. Re: Freight WholeCars & E2Es
  9. Re: Freight WholeCars & E2Es i cant get the image to load
  10. ^^^^^ I certainly hope he isnt still here. He's a super toy.
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