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  1. looks better without the bowser.
  2. That show piece is one of my favorites.
  3. KWC! Fricken sweet. Bodys tag is awesome.
  4. redstripe, that was a good post. forgotten photos!
  6. Those stickers are BURNERRRR!!!!! Yeah could i send you a drawing of my word and then give you my name and address along with that. DONT BE TOY!!!!
  7. Re: Markus Lunkenheimer can play a Clorox bleach bottle like a pan flute What the fuck is he holding?!
  8. Whats good AQUA!!!! God DAMN!!
  9. RUBIO!!!!! We got wayne ellington too. ncaa tournament mvp. ty lawson is sick too but i dont know what were going to do with him.... flynn and lawson can go for all i care. RUBIO!!!!!
  10. HEY!!!! Dont bash Rubio!!! I watched him play in the olympics when he was 17. he is the truth. id take him over thabeet any day of the week. Blake griffin is obviously the best thing in the draft but he aint slippin from the #1 pick. Shaq to cleveland is more mind boggling than the wolves chasing ricky rubio. I hope it works out for the big fella. He's old.
  11. What the fuck am i going to do with 4 cans of paint in nebraska?!?!?!
  12. Its happened to me before ... In a way im glad to hear that lake street hasnt gotten as soft as i thought though.
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