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  1. Which do you like better, Things or stuff?
  2. awe2 fatso and isto!
  3. Mpls7

    yet another

    damn i got the shaft on that csx flat
  4. Too much talking. The thing i like most about this thread is USUALLY theres not alot of whining and talking. Back to photos please. i just read all that shit and it was a pointless waste of ime.
  5. that nigga rivuh. Heat isto each2
  6. This thread is proof that 90% of graffiti on trains sucks. Bump isto and cameo.
  7. KWC is an old school Minneapolis crew.
  8. I just realized that last one isnt espo.
  9. Heat and Cameo for sure take the cake!
  10. on my way home tonight i bought todays paper. whoa.
  11. Im bout to smoke a joint before i go to bed. Wake up at 3 in the afternoon and flip on the packers game!
  12. i dont know why i even bother searching the rest of metal heads sometimes. it can take 5 posts to find something good. i know what im getting when i come to this thread. Nice work.
  13. hahahahahaha what the fuck .....
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