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Everything posted by Mpls7

  1. Mmmmm Ice cream .........
  2. that whiskey is fuckin crazy
  3. Damn chill out guffman it aint all that serious.
  4. Damn Mpls7, you happy now or are you going to keep complaining about flicks?! Fuckin cry-baby, post some flicks yourself!
  5. just no more flicks or what people?!
  6. i agree. If the windows are boarded up and theres a pink slip on the door, houses are good. They have to be rebuilt at that point anyway.
  7. that showbiz is SIIIIIIIIIIIICK!
  8. quality as always. though 27 going over hybrid is gay as shit. and i dont care if it was just an outline.
  9. Ooooweeeee. That Billboard on Lake St was Siiiiiick.
  10. hahaha .... Cuatro Pound, you might want to consider a new computer.
  11. lots of old stuff. good its not forgotten.
  12. He pushes AKB and TCI thats reason enough for me to have his flicks in midwest threads. Plus i mean i come on. We're lucky to have had him paint here. the guy is fuckin sick with it.
  13. He doesnt have to do it i was just sayin.
  14. If anyone can get a hold of Purge tell him to send an email to Imfunsta@hotmail.com
  15. Mpls7

    this aint texas

    Doser has a great hand.
  16. Im pretty sure that the front page is not hank.
  17. Last night, it was fuckin cold. Tags are my favorite part of minneapolis. Keep em comin. Time to freeze for 6 months.
  18. aqua is kill the game. that paebak at the top is like skip to my lou and shit.
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