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  1. Yes being a high ranking on 12oz overwhelms me with so much joy..
  2. I think this guy should have his fingers cut off everytime he makes another stupid comment/suggestion as he did with this...
  3. for the odang battle my vote is for para
  4. You were goint to post that fos and not this?
  5. A very good thread.Actually some of Shor's stuff has inspired me....Bump
  6. What the fuck?A writer died,and you guys are worried about where this thread is? R.I.P
  7. You are really the fucking stupidest person I've ever met,you talk WAY to much shit,and you claim that you would kick my ass,but every time I confront you,you dont do shit,so you need to shut your fucking,any motherfucker can talk shit over the net,but can you back it up in real life? ODS-1 you should shut the fuck up,your an idiot also,you dont even write
  8. It was day time,not really a bad area.And as for punishable damage,5 peices,a throw,around 13 or 16 handstyles. And I've never had my fingerprints taken before
  9. I was chased by a helicopter a couple days ago,some other writers say that the helicopter probably got a picture of me or me on video,and I left a bag with stuff in it(sketch,gloves,mask,paint) could they get fingerprints off of the stuff I left behind?Should I quit for a while or keep going?
  10. Kem5 Awe Crook Aest Rime Durts
  11. how about spray paint or marker......
  12. I find it kind of funny that Ice T plays the role a cop,yet he made a song called Cop Killer :haha:
  13. So why has'nt anyone broken your legs yet? Quoted post Cus he probably doesn't run around with spraycans strapped to his chest? Does that answer your question?...oh i get it, you were trying to be funny...better luck next time. Quoted post better luck next time ODS-1,haha
  14. vare-it still looks like shit,start doing keyboard letters.
  15. no offense,but looks like you bit astek's k.
  16. So why has'nt anyone broken your legs yet?
  17. BlueStreaks


    1.Atak 2.Bates 3.Astek 4.Else 5.Pore
  18. has anybody heard of the brand called Marble Craft from Krylon.I was thinking about using it for bombing,has anybody used it before,I'll try to look for a picture.
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