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  1. id ont like myths piece at all to be honest i dont think he has the 3D thing going on right at all.. im thbinking edogg but not really. how about weaksauce? haha i would have voted him if he didnt put his crew up on a paper battle haha homo i have no vote this run sorry ladies.
  3. rebuf has no structure.. if i had a digi cam or a scanner i would show you something that has 'structure' even if some of you cockers dont like it.. if you want to reply to me then send me a PM, because chances are i wont be comming back to this thread.. and what gnometoys said.. except this is the first time ive been on paper chase in a while.. and i saw this thread from the front page and its the only one i went to.. you suck.. dont listen to anyone when they say shit like 'paint more thats the way to improve'...... that is bullshit i bet you anything he sucks a nut at everything he does.. what i did.. was draw my heart out.. then i got about 3 steps.. now im just a little bitch.
  4. snafu and that nigger gaysick
  5. i loooovveee this oh my shit
  6. you should go on metal heads and tell other graffiti writers that im sure they give a fuck what you have to say ;o).. besides.. its a new trend.. just like big fat ugly arrows, 50 little swoopie-dills and euro highlights.. graffiti is garbage my friend, and so are you observations ;o) Quoted post lighten up anonymous stranger...whoever you may be dorkola is my pal..im sure he thought something like...."heheha..shut up you fuckin dirty hobo.." when he read my little comment..meanwhile..someone who doesnt know shit about me decides to enlighten me on the ways of freight train graffito. i thank ye kindly oh kind sir and most noble of men who walk the earth! i will change my ways immediately..i am ever so sorry if i have offended you in any way shape or form..please accept this most humble of humble apologies..hah ihmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. one man's trash is another man's treasure...graffiti=garbage=me. i love yr groin. we shall paint some fr8s again..someday. im gonan go have a nice cry now. Quoted post [/b] haha dang.. sorry i didnt know you guys are buddies.. and my response (now that ive revised it a month later) wasnt SOO serious.. only a little.. and now i appologize.. and dork.. i was kidding about having a round trip ticket in case you were wondering why you enver heard from me haha.. i love you guys..
  7. that last picture is the best
  8. it wasn't about fame jackass it was about taking it to the city so shut the fuck up homo Quoted post [/b] :hatred: you dumb hick ass fuck you better be lucky you live on the farm wit ma and pa in inbred,kentucky...cause you get fucked up for the nigger comments alone ...but then again your girl was swallowing my niggerific dick last night..betty lou loves the cock....:hatred: Quoted post <!--QuoteBegin-beelkaemoney@Apr 8 2005, 10:10 AM fuck casensensitive....yo do graff right..who you think started this shit??..a bunch of niggers..spics..and nigger lovin white kids from a real city...so i guess that does mean you love us niggers..spics..chinks..and all that shit right.. :hatred:FUCK YOU PUSSY:hatred: ps..my bad for gettin all shitty on your thread but i dont stand for stupid ass comments from stupid peeps like that.. Quoted post hey YOU ARE A NIGGER... STRAIGHT UP.. BLACK NIGGER COON.. I HATE BLACK PEOPLE STARTING WITH YOU.. i love chinks.. i love asian people.. and niggers didnt start graffiti! fuck that! even if they did i dont respect them for it fuck you guys.. im not even in kentucky.. im up north! whore!
  9. before the niggerific louisiannaville toys get emotional and butthurt about all this.. i dont want you to think im para.. because im not... i write shor.. and like i said before.. i punch preggo bitches for free.. and for fun.
  10. that chut and fos kids are fucking dumb.. hey guys guess what,,, painting over that buff mark that para had for a while is pretty fucking gay.. YOURE NOT GOING TO MAKE THE NEWS FOR IT FUCKBAGS.. i think the authorities are smarter then that! they know you just want fame. you guys are faggoty toys... and that highway spot.. whatever it is.. jager.. that was a pretty gay move as well.. and from what i can tell that ecas kid is SO WACK.. nice letters buddy who gave them to you?? get your own shit fag face.. this generation (and beyond) of graffiti sucks.. at least 90% of it.. you fucking douche bags.. im going to kill someone!! i punch pregnant bitches for free... bitches!! nigger lovers!!
  11. damn that post was so long i was actually on it yes! my 2nd fr8!
  12. its a shame we couldnt get that ichabod wholecar... either way.. zroe, gime, zroe, gime, ichabod, metro, nime, jolt, awe, pier, my cock.
  13. he wrote it because he died.. you know.. like a tribute..
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