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  1. Dearest almighty, I miss u and the fam. Was good seeing you on the 4th. me
  2. dear almighty might might your mini man is adorable. and ur woamn is awesome. thnak u for being a friend. plus your baby makes me want my newsest addition to be born now. its that new babt smell souls of the lost
  3. you turned down free drinks ... lameeee
  4. dear almighty congrats to you sir. it as good laxin for a few today the souls
  5. dear almighty.. i miss you.. only a lil homo ish... souls
  6. i gave up paint and now only use the period blood of blonde hair japanesse virgins... so sorry bacon cant help ya
  7. give up now there is no hope for u......bacon
  8. dear 12oz its been a while , been good times and some bad times . i am back. souls
  9. and u forgot air race crashes biker shoot outs and random alien encounters
  10. a buddy of mine bartends at a concert spot that just had icp. he said it smelled of meth bo and abortions.....and they got banned from playing their due to shity fans and sprayin faygo all over stage. and out of the 1000 plus people there the only hot chick was a soild 5 and she was a news reporter....
  11. dear baby mama for once i can thank you for your lack of puncatlity. you being late saved my and my daughters from being in the grand stands at yesterdays air race. u may have saverd us from harm by your lack of smarts and for this i thank you.. souls aka your baby daddy dear lee rip in peace mr race pilot your actions saved many of people and a few of my friends from death.. souls one of your fans
  12. went to the rib cook of with 1988 and milk, ballons friday morning with the kids. air races this week than street vibes at the months end.. good ballon picks. darth vader ballon was awesome.
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