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  1. ya it was kweli on the hook wasnt it?
  2. vyper

    Rock Bottom.

    pussy is gods prozac with sometimes mentally straining side effects
  3. vyper

    GTA IV

    heres a good reason to get PS3. gawwddammn
  4. wow this sweet sixteen thing sounds horrendous. i must track down an ep!
  5. the owner sounds suprinsingly calm in the source. altho when you let other people drive your exotic cars you cant really get pissed if they fuck up.
  6. gee lets all stand around and not stop fatty beating some woman senseless! what the fuck..
  7. so we should "humanise" rejected children/orphans too? i dont understand why the bear couldnt live a happy life raised by the Zoo. if they treat it well and it lives happily whats the fucking problem? stupid hippys
  8. vyper


    Re: TEAM ALCO stellllaaaaaaaaaa haha one of my locals is sellin stella 6ers for $12.99 apparently they got some nice buy deal thru CUB. booya for import beer as cheap as local brew.
  9. vyper


    anybody been playing Stalker on PC?? its runnin a bit slow on my machine and the loading times can be a bitch but its pretty cool so far. altho sometimes you feel outnumberd 10:1 which is annoying as fuck when your trying to keep a dude alive.
  10. on the relisten. the domestic violence beat is killer. nuff said
  11. thats alright im sure he'd be too buzzed to completely understand RZA's drawling lyrics ITS BWOBBY DIGI TAAAAAALLl
  12. baby please dont goooo actually im listening to papoose. metal will prob come afterwards
  13. 6 feet deep was a masterpiece i like bobby digi actually but some tracks were completely random and strange. nevertheless he is good
  14. The best beer you ever had was Ok. The best pussy you have ever had was fantastic. Advantage: Pussy what the fuck?? the best beer i have ever had was fucking GODLY you worm
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