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  1. MOSER

    Wash DC

    YES. classic. Do this today? Ain't gon happen.
  2. Really digging this one. Yeah, I'm sure boots will keep your feet so much safer if they were to be rolled over. By that time it's a moot point.
  3. errything and that sever!
  4. take me down little suzie,take me down, i know you think you're the queen of the underground.
  5. pagan has to be one of my new favorite writers.
  6. if it's not elk then iono what that junt is.
  7. MOSER

    upstate ny

    they are going down. photobucket or a site like that may be easier to use, I don't know...
  8. lots of niceties like the old sigh and reup.
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