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  1. d-oh!:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  2. this birds drop shit on my car front window. i now have to look at this bird droppings when i make driving my car for my whole life now.
  3. Heh, I like the first reason better!:cool:
  4. Damn, you caught 2 Run's back to back!? That's pretty sweet. I don't know how he does his pieces to look exactly like each other, pretty good!
  5. The h in the phone is fiscally responsible. It stands up to ridicule and rightfully covets the title of any adjective describing greatness and goodness- and why shouldn't it? It is deserving of such accolades.
  6. go around has a glandular problem.
  7. we got a golden retriever boy who is not fixed and a young jack russell girl dog who's in heat running around here...
  8. Ok, here we are with some that I find interesting. I've studied these and other groups like this for many years and always find it fascinating. A good ethnographic look at this movement. SkinheadsUSA Mary Bell: Child Serial Killer Kurt&Courtney This is about Prussian Blue, the neo-nazi brainwashed twins who sing aryan folk bullshit. Bizarre. It seems like the older they get though the more they realize that what they have been taught is complete bullshit. Nazi Pop Twins Cat Stevens rules. Cat Stevens Becomes Yusuf Islam
  9. Doomed Messiah "This series covers the sights, sounds, and smells of the stoner crust/grind/sludge movement, all those way, way beyond doomed motherfuckers with the dreadlocks and drug problems and piles of Orange amps. Its grisly business, and it takes a splatter-minded artist like Tom Denney to capture it in all it's ear-pummeling, eye-gouging glory." (Review by Sleazegrinder). Man I love this shit!
  10. Very good, fucked up all the way around. These guys got railroaded bigtime.
  11. ...and then I said, "Those aren't pillows!"
  12. I don't know why some of these images are so damn small and others are not.
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